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Insurance and Financial Services

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Specialized home, auto and business insurance in Auburn, IN

We’re a family owned and operated agency that delivers comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions in Auburn, Indiana and throughout Northeast Indiana.  We serve individuals, families, and businesses with broad and flexible products and personalized services and we’re proud to be a part of our service communities. 

We take a detailed and one-on-one approach to delivering solutions and as a result we thoroughly assess clients’ needs and match these needs with appropriate coverages and policies.  We monitor policies closely and ensure that they are always current and effective and this and other efforts help clients make the best insurance investments possible and help clients maximize the value of these investments.

Through carriers like Allied, Foremost, and Hagerty, we offer a wide variety of personal and commercial insurance programs, each of which we can custom-tailor to an individual client’s needs.  Included in our programs are home, auto, and business.

Home and Auto Insurance

For Indiana homeowners and renters, protection against exposure is essential, whether the protection is for a small, temporary home or for a sprawling, high-value home that contains different types of valuable property.  Our home insurance program can be adapted to fit your home insurance needs for minimal costs.

For Indiana drivers, staying secure against risk is a critical part of being on and off the road.  For this reason, auto insurance essential, and at Insurance & Financial Services we have a vast auto insurance program that gives you the coverage and policy options you need to stay fully protected for the right price.

To save money on your home and auto insurance, you can combine these two types of insurance into a single, multi-line policy and become eligible for lower rates and extended coverage options.  See our home & auto page and/or speak with an agent to learn more.

Business Insurance

From base coverages like business owners polices (BOPs) and commercial general liability (CGL) to additional coverages like inland marine and umbrella, we have the coverages that keep any commercial enterprises secure.  We also offer programs for specific industries, including contracting and farming.  See our business coverage page to learn more.

Providing business insurance is one way to promote a healthy commercial environment, but for the communities we serve there is more we can do to promote a healthy environment; we can involve ourselves with organizations and events that make the communities we serve better places to live and work.  

Community Involvement

From charities and sports events to fundraisers and festivals, we support and participate in events that celebrate the communities we serve.  We also work with organizations that make the social and commercial environments of our service areas better.  Doing so helps us contribute to the communities we serve in ways that go beyond insurance and it helps make us better insurers.  

A little bit more about us

We make sure that every client has the best insurance experience possible.  To do this we provide effective and affordable products and we provide continuous services.  Claims and risk management and ongoing education are among these services.  We help clients reduce costs; we advocate for clients; and we give clients the informational tools they need in order to make the best insurance decisions they can. 

We’re also fully available, which means that we can be reached whenever and in whatever ways clients need to reach us.  Via text, email, phone, and/or personal interactions, we communicate with clients in ways that clients prefer.  We also monitor policies regularly to ensure that coverages are current and that rates are appropriate.  Altogether, we make sure that each client makes the right insurance investments and that he or she maximizes the value of these investments. 

Please contact us or give us a call to learn more or to get started.  If you feel that you’re ready to start on a policy, feel free to request a quote.

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